The customary hello world blog post.

It took me a while to zero in on the blog platform / ecosystem I wanted to use.

Things that I took into account while making this decision was :

  • Ease of creating posts
  • Hosting experience needs to be seamless & lean for me
  • No excess use of JS & CSS unless it is really required

I experimented with Jekyll , Octopress , GatsBy & Origami for a blogging platform.

And looked at AWS , GCP , Heroku & Github for hosting.

At the end of it , I decided to go with Jekyll + Github because :

  • It costed me zero dollars to host & deploy.
  • I could focus on just creating posts
  • Was easy enough

Yes , a case could have been made for all the other platforms given enough time . I was not just not ready to put in the time & effort, when there was an easier solution in front of me, with no game-changing advantage that I would have missed.

So that’s all for now …. Ciao !!