What am I to you,
Am I a stranger
Or am I someone
What am I to you .

What am I for you ?
Am I love or hate
Am I hope or despair
Am I courage or dread
What am I for you ?

What am I to you,
Am I the past or the present
Or am I the shrouded future
What am I to you ?
What am I for you ?

Hidden are these feelings
shrouded are my fears
All I want, is not to hide
All I want, is to be seen by you….

Hence, something to ponder about :
We ask this question, every single waking moment of our lives in one way or other. Is it really a question though ? Are we really oblivious to the answer or do we lack the courage to face the answer head on or do we hope that our effort is going give the result we want ?

Are we asking, “What am I for you” or are we seeking the answer to “What can I become for you , if a chance is provided…”. Are we seeking to affect the future or relive the past, only the person can say.

The tussle within us to accept the reality to the reality we perceive is hard. The reality we perceive is sometimes is the reality we badly want it to be true. It brings us, hope and despair in waves and bouts. That said, the hope is always greater. Without hope, there is no struggle & without struggle there is no earnestness & with out earnestness, there is no love. The hope is only possible, when we are open to vulnerability.

This struggle & the way we repsond to this, defines us, in many a ways.

Hence the title : Love, Hope & Vulnerability.

P.S. : Partially inspired by The Lightning Brigade & partially by life.