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Hey folks, Jags here. I came across Hasura x HashNode hackathon and so I took this chance to build a Graphql api first and then an app for the Australian farming community.

I want to build an app which provides the following information on fertilisers used by the Australian farming community :

  • Fertiliser Product type
  • Active Constituent
  • Other Constituent
  • Poison Schedule ==> because every fertiliser is a chemical, hence it falls under a poison category as per the legislation

Website :


Need for better access

My app would ensure a single point of access for various data points in an easy manner. It makes the whole process of searching hassle free and seamless.

The API implementation ensures, it can be easily integrated for an mobile app across Android & IOS and tied into current offerings to improve the information provided.

It also keeps the door open for future improvements including security and automated data updates via data pipelines.

All of this is currently missing and the current user experience is very limited.

Details under the hood

Tech Stack

  • Javascript & Typescript as the coding language
  • Heroku Postgres
  • Apollo Client for making the client side graphql calls
  • Hasura
  • Create React App for the React App
  • Github for code version control
  • VSCode and its plug-ins for code editing and linting
  • Codacy & integration for code quality and CVE alerts


  • Vercel for React app

I chose this tech stack because of :

  • Product fit
  • Hassle free and less time to setup
  • Want to improve my proficiency in the below mentioned stack
  • Need to improve the scalability and reliability as per request load

Next Steps

  • Automated Git deploys for Hasura
  • Automated Data pipeline for updating the data in
  • Auth0 for authentication and authorisation
  • Complete porting of code to Typescript

  • Playwright tests

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