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FertKnowledge UI Architecture - Part 3

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FertKnowledge UI Architecture - Part 3

A snapshot of the CI & CD setup for the frontend & UI architecture for FertKnowledge

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·May 9, 2022·

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Welcome to Part 3 of FertKnowledge - Building in Public Series !!!

Currently the code is hosted on Github. The Vercel deployments happen on a per-commit & per squash merge basis.

This is the continuous deployment setup done ✅.


Things which are in progress or actively researched ❓❓❓

  • Continuous integration setup
    • Github Actions or Buildkite or CircleCI
  • Sentry for Error tracking and UI performance monitoring
  • Tests & Visual regression
    • Playwright
    • Serverless setup
  • CSS
    • Tailwind CSS ??
    • Animations ==> rive.app to explore yet??
  • Edge network CDN setup using Vercel
  • Image optimizations for fast loading websites using Vercel

This is the current thoughts I have got on my UI architecture and setup.

Feel free to reach out to me and leave comments ✨✨✨

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