What does Shifting Left for testing mean ??

Transforming Quality: The Revolutionary Impact of Shifting Left in Testing


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What does Shifting Left for testing mean ??

What shifting Left in the Testing/Quality perspective means

- Identifying the needs and dependencies of testing & related activities early in the planning cycle. This means understanding the following :

  • Dependencies of testing

    • Within a team

      • Technical activities/experiments

      • Understanding the business requirements and plan accordingly

    • Outside of teams

      • Data that comes from other squads and teams

      • Impact on teams that depend on us for

  • A continuous feedback loop to react to changes and feedback

  • Automate your tests and ensure the tests are not flaky !!!

    • If there are flaky tests then, the confidence in the system goes down

How to implement the Shift Left process ??

  • Understand where you are in the journey

  • Make measurable changes

    • See how you can measure progress. It could be

      • Bugs that are caught earlier in the process

      • Issues prevented

      • Coverage of automated tests ==> behaviors tested

      • Confidence a team has with releases

      • How easy is it to integrate feedback

  • The least disruptive way is to introduce changes incrementally (this works in most cases). Depending on the context, one may do it with a more big-bang approach

  • See what the team is comfortable with and what you are trying to achieve

  • The goal is to improve iteratively. It is okay to have a non-perfect start, as long as you improve the process and execution, you are good !!!!

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